welcome-bannerThe DEKALB SuperSpiel just learned that the Rosenort arena was having problems with their ice plant. Parts to fix this will not be here in time for curling for the DEKALB SuperSpiel November 18th.

Games now in Morris –

As a result, the venue will be changed to the Morris arena.  All games for 2016 will take place in Morris.  Games will be in the Morris Curling Club or in the Morris arena.  Both Rosenort and Morris volunteers look forward to welcoming teams in Morris.  Spectators will be able to view all games in one complex.  There is a short walk between venues.   Fans will enjoy some great curling.

2017 DEKALB SuperSpiel in Rosenort and Morris –

The DEKALB SuperSpiel looks forward to returning to the Rosenort arena in 2017.  The 10th DEKALB Super Spiel will play in 2 venues – The Morris Curling Club and the Rosenort arena.  The DEKALB SuperSpiel committee thanks all for their cooperation in allowing this change to take place.