Welcome to the 15TH annual DEKALB SuperSpiel. The Morris Curling established the DEKALB SuperSpiel in March 2009 with the wonderful support of Monsanto Canada and the DEKALB seed brand. Monsanto and DEKALB have provided great support to make this event happen over the years. In 2019 we welcomed Bayer Canada, the new owners of the DEKALB seed brand. We are excited to be partnered with Bayer Canada. The bonspiel’s name acknowledges the important support of DEKALB as title sponsor and evokes the names of the club’s 1970’s Big M SuperSpiel as well as the DEKALB SuperLeague, which provides a competitive outlet for curlers in the region.

The Morris Curling Club thanks Greg Ewasko who has worked with us to provide our competitors with top level ice. In 2022, Greg was unable to join us as he was too busy as Curling Canada’s head Ice technician. Last year, Matt Rankine, who has been assisting Greg since 2014 at DEKALB Superspiel, came to oversee and ensure top quality ice for our competitors. Our fan experience is also top notch. The Morris Curling Club purchased a TV system in time for our 2nd DEKALB SuperSpiel so that our fans could have a super viewing experience with the ability to watch any sheet from any location in the club. We have hosted teams from around the world and across Canada providing fans with excellent viewing opportunities. With the expansion in 2014 to include 32 Women’s teams and the 2015 expansion to also include 32 Men’s teams along with the corresponding increase in prize money, the DEKALB SuperSpiel became one of the top events on both the Men’s and Women’s side. This expansion caused the need for more ice and thus the move to using both Morris Curling Club ice and Arena ice first in Rosenort in 2014 and then the Morris arena. 2022 saw us livestreaming 2 sheets of curling for most of the draws which provided viewing for those unable to attend in person.

Our DEKALB SuperSpiel has also become a meeting place for our sponsors. It provides an opportunity to meet with customers and to enjoy some curling as well. We say a Super thank you to our many sponsors that are so important in making the DEKALB SuperSpiel a success.

The DEKALB SuperSpiel continues to be a venue for garnering CTRS points and is an important part of the players’ quest for the Manitoba Championship berths which have been allocated to the Manitoba Curling Tour.

We hope you will all join us for the 16th annual DEKALB SuperSpiel December 1-4, 2023. Check the World Curling Tour, Manitoba Curling Team and DEKALB SuperSpiel websites for details.

FOR MORE INFORMATION visit our website: www.dekalbsuperspiel.com or reach out via email or phone: morriscurlingclub@gmail.com or phone 204-746-2271

Past Winners


2022 Matt Dunstone B.J. Neufeld Colton Lott Ryan Harnden
2021 Jason Gunnlaugson Adam Casey Matt Wozniak Connor Njegovan
2019 Tanner Horgan Colton Lott Kyle Doering Tanner Lott
2018 Matt Dunstone Braeden Moskowy Matt Wozniak Dustin Kidby
2017 Dylan Johnston Mike Badiuk Cody Johnston Travis Showalter
2016 Mike McEwen B.J. Neufeld Matt Wozniak Denni Neufeld
2015 Reid Carruthers Braeden Moskowy Derek Samagalski Colin Hodgson
2014 Matthew Dunstone Jim Coleman Daniel Grant Christopher Gallant
2013 Steen Sigurdson Riley Smith Ian McMillan Nick Curtis
2012 William Lyburn James Kirkness Alex Forrest Tyler Forrest
2011 Braeden Moskowy Kyle Muyres D.J. Kidby Dustin Kidby
2011 Kevin Koe Pat Simmons Carter Rycroft Nolan Thiessen
2010 Mike McEwen B.J. Neufeld Matt Wozniak Denni Neufeld
2009 Vic Peters Daley Peters Kyle Werenich Cory Naharnie


2022 Abby Ackland Meghan Walter Sara Oliver Mackenzie Elias
2021 Amber Holland Kim Schneider Karlee Korchinski Deb Lozinski
2019 Laura Walker Kate Cameron Taylor McDonald Nadine Scott
2018 Allison Flaxey Kate Cameron Taylor McDonald Raunora Westcott
2017 Penny Barker Deanna Doig Lorraine Schneider Danielle Sicinski
2016 Jennifer Jones Kaitlyn Lawes Jill Officer Dawn McEwen
2015 Jennifer Jones Kaitlyn Lawes Jill Officer Dawn McEwen
2014 Tracy Horgan Jennifer Horgan Jenna Enge Amanda Gates
2013 Barb Spencer Katie Spencer Jenna Loder Raunora Westcott
2012 Darcy Robertson Tracey Lavery Vanessa Foster Michelle Kruk
2011 Barb Spencer Karen Klein Ainsley Champagne Raunora Westcott
2011 Chelsea Carey Kristy Jenion Kristen Foster Lindsay Titheridge
2010 Sherry Middaugh Jo-Ann Rizzo Lee Merklinger Leigh Armstrong
2009 Crystal Webster Desiree Owen Samantha Preston Stephanie Malekoff


Ralph Fyfe, Lisa Wiebe & Mel Baxter


Cheryl & Harold Waldner


Connie Norris


Dale Hoffman


Chris & Lorne Hamblin

Sponsors’ Meeting Coordinator

Bud & Shelley Stupnisky

Sponsorship Fulfillment

Lisa Wiebe


Rheal Vermette


Shelley Stupnisky


Lou Erickson


Allen Recksiedler & Yves Grenier


Brian Recksiedler & Kris Mazinke

Team Entries\Draw\Scramble

Julie & Shayne Serediuk

Website Management\Social Media

Matt Rankine & Scott Churchill

Ice Staff

Cara Vermette


Bree Thiessen


Brian Recksiedler & Charlie White

Facilities and Ice

Cheryl Demarcke

Hospitality & Lounge

Shelley Stupnisky

Promo & Media

Lorne & Chris Hamblin