2022 Volunteers

On floor: Nelson Norris, Lorne Hamblin, Cara Vermette, Margaret Johnston, Christine Klassen, Brenda Maxymowich, Marlene Buhler, Shannon Hesford, Chris Hamblin

Seated: Connie Norris, Anne Decima, Brenda Hunt, Wendy Zinn, Barb Schewchuk, Carol Andrusyk, Tina Goertzen, Daphne Keck, Maryann Hoffman, Brian Recksiedler

Standing: Leslie Poulin, Bud Stupnisky, Barb Stevenson, Shelley Stupnisky, Lisa Wiebe, Jean Mackie, Tyler Hesford, Rheal Vermette, Mel Baxter, Shane Johnston, Allen Recksiedler, Craig Mackie (top of head only), Emery Falk, Ghislain Dupuis, Brent Byggdin, Charlie White, Doug Wahl, Audrey McCrady, Frank Goertzen, Missy Joyce, Will Keck, Janice White, Dale Hoffman, Jordan Peters, Shirley Grosky, Rick Giesbrecht, Liz Giesbrecht, Lou Erickson, Ralph Fyfe, Lionel Mason, Del Stevenson, Glen Peterson

A Super thanks to the volunteers who were unable to make it to the Volunteer Kick-off when the picture was taken – Everyone’s Volunteerism is greatly appreciated

A huge “Thank-you” to all the volunteers that give their time to make the DEKALB a world class event and a big success. This year once again Morris will be putting our best foot forward in welcoming the curlers from around the world and their families and friends. Without the hard work from the committee heads and their teams this would be a very different experience. As we move forward in the next weeks and work towards this wonderful curling event I wish all the curlers the best of luck and enjoy your time spent in Morris. All volunteers who help in any way are very much appreciated. Whatever the job, big or small, many hands make light of any work.

Thank-you Volunteers!

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