We invite you for the 13th DEKALB SuperSpiel November 27 – 30, 2020.       

New for 2020:
1) entries limited to 16 women’s teams, 24 men’s teams.
2) $60,000 prize money – $24,000 women, $36,000 men (subject to full entry) includes $100 per win until playoffs ( excluding the qualifying games).
3) All games in Morris Curling Club – curling all day Friday, playoffs Monday.


We will accept the first paid 16 women’s teams and 24 men’s teams. In the past few years we have not reached our 64 team goal, so for 2020 we are restricting entries to 40 teams to simplify the draw. The entry will remain the same at $1000 CDN or $800 USD for men’s and women’s teams. We ask that you send us an entry cheque post-dated Sept 10, 2020. The team is ONLY entered when Brian gets your cheque or etransfer.

Please contact Brian Recksiedler (dekalbsuperspielentries@gmail.com ) or Lorne Hamblin (chrislornehamblin@gmail.com)  to let them know you want to enter and let us know that your postdated cheque is in the mail or your etransfer is coming.  Please mail entry fee cheque payable to the Morris Curling Club MCT c/o Brian Recksiedler Box 674 Morris, Manitoba ROG IKO.  If you prefer to enter by etransfer, email dekalbsuperspielfinance@gmail.com . Your entry is only confirmed once your total entry has been received.  Also, fill out the registration form.

Lorne and Chris Hamblin – Co-Chairs    Brian and Brenda Recksiedler-Team Entries & Draws.