The DEKALB SuperSpiel has continued to grow each year, as seen last year in the 8th annual DEKALB SuperSpiel.

The popularity of curling had slowed down for a few years as families got busy, but Chris and Lorne Hamblin wanted to change that. With the shrinking membership of the Morris Curling Club, volunteers came together to revive the life that the curling club once had.

With the incredible support of Monsanto Canada and the seed brand, DEKALB and the many other sponsors helped to make this bonspiel a huge success. In 2015 the mens and womens teams doubled with a total of 64 converged rinks in the Morris Multiplex and the Rosenort Arena; 2015 saw huge growth in the event with teams from across the world including Scotland, Switzerland, the United States, South Korea and Sweden.

The bonspiel brought in a great crowd with a passion for supporting the community. The small Manitoba town of Morris has seen growth thanks to local events such as this. The event not only raises money for the curling club, it also drives the small businesses in the area and creates a sense of pride within the community.

We look forward to what the coming years have to offer and look forward to seeing you there! For more information please visit the World Curling Tour, Manitoba Curling Tour and Morris Curling Club websites.

DEKALB SuperSpiel 2016 is inviting YOU to participate in taking pictures of this years events!

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Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this year’s event the biggest and best ever!

Canadian Curling Bonspiel in Morris and Rosenort Manitoba

The Ninth Annual DEKALB SuperSpeil is November xx-xx 2016 – and this year we are happy to provide fans and teams with the best curling event coverage ever!

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